The Spritz

First Spritz in the Piazza della Frutta
First Spritz in the Piazza della Frutta

Alright, so those of you who know me well know that I like Aperol and Campari. They are aperitivi that are red in color and bitter, meant to be served before dinner during Happy Hour. Since I heard about them before coming to Italy, I’ve been trying to get people to try them . . . with no luck. They definitely are acquired tastes in America.

But here in Padova, EVERYONE drinks them in a drink called Spritz. Spritz is an aperitif consisting of Prosecco, club soda, and either Aperol or Campari–but usually Aperol– and sometimes an orangeimages-2 slice. It is, quite possibly, the best drink in the world, and it was invented right here in Padova. You can’t walk two feet in the afternoon without bumping into someone with a Spritz.

If you want to feel more Italian, I highly recommend giving it a try. By themselves, Aperol and Campari might not be  your cups of tea, but in this recipe, they really shine. It’s the perfect refreshment, and given its low alcohol content, it’s a perfect before dinner drink.

I’ll follow up with a post on digestivi (after dinner drinks) soon.

Cin cin!

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