Lunch with the Family

The day after I got back from Verona, my host mother, Carlotta, had planned to host a lunch for someone special. She said that the sister of the student she hosted last spring would be in Padova for a frisbee tournament (#random), and that she would be coming for lunch. Her name was Megan, and her brother, the student Carlotta hosted last Spring was named Tom.

Megan was very nice, but when I learned that she hardly spoke any Italian, I realized that this would be a working-lunch. Basically, i translated most of what she wanted to say, although she did well on her own when she tried to speak Italian. They were pretty impressed. When I spoke to her or asked a question, I would first say it in Italian, so the family could hear, and then I spoke in English. That worked pretty well, I thought.

Megan, Me, Carlotta, and Emma
Megan, Me, Carlotta, and Emma

Anyway, lunch was great: pasta for the primo piatto, and then some sort of braised beef with zucchini for the secondo piatto. For dessert, Rocco ran out and bought some gelato for us. She couldn’t stay long, though, since she had to catch a train, but it was a very pleasant afternoon with the family.


Next weekend is the program trip to Florence. Stay tuned! I’ll be meeting up with my Aunt and Uncle, as well as my Mom and Dad, who landed in Rome on Monday. I’m slightly terrified that they might struggle because they don’t speak a word of Italian, but I think they will be okay, surrounded by tourists and other Italians who speak English well.


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